Month: December 2009

Walking on Volcanos

Tongariro Alpine Crossing ┬áThis is a shuttle hike and the shuttle leaves at 5:40 to beat the crowds. The night before was crazy cold so we froze all night to wake up super early we managed to make the bus on time as others were scrambling and running after the bus this was quite amusing read more …


Trees and River Dams

The Kauri Forest One day Phil and Grace wanted to know how did they get all those Kauri trees out of the forest without building any roads. This is how – when the floods came the trees sailed down the rivers and were controlled by hand made dams. The forest had 9 dams altogether and read more …


N.Z. the Beginning

Northland N.Z. has 2 speed limits 30kph and 100kph and they sit about 10 feet apart… Welcome to the next part of our journey in New Zealand – Arriving in Auckland a week ago it poured rain for 2 days. As we drove north to the Bay of Islands the sun was shining and it read more …

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