Month: January 2010

Goldrush comes to Cromwell

Taking a side trip to Cromwell to checkout a Gold Rush Trail. Another fascinating trail and the tunnels that they dug must have taken forever. We were able to get into most of the tunnels and they ranged from 50-100 feet back depending on the tunnel. I think Phil wants to be a Gold miner read more …


Moeraki Boulders

An amazing sight big round rocks on a beach all in one contained area. We jumped from boulder to boulder and took lots of pictures. Some boulders were crushed into many pieces but most of them were whole.


Kepler Track

Arriving in Te-anau in a crazy wind and rain storm not surprising for the Fiordland. Deciding on when to do the hikes in the Fiordland was difficult with the rain and the forcast was rain. If it was nice we would hike otherwise we would hide. Little did we realize the weather here is always read more …


Christmas in Paradise

The Abel Tasman coastal hike is 53 km hike in Abel Tasman National Park. This trail can be traveled in many ways you can kayak, water taxi or hike it or do a combination of all three. Phil and I decided to take the water taxi up to the north end of the trail and read more …


Muddy Rotorua

Rotorua the thermal pools and mud pools were super cool. The geyser that goes off at 10:15 so everyone gathers around the bleachers set up for this geyser and hundreds of people crowd around all trying to get the right spot for the best picture. The warden guy comes down tells us about the history read more …

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