5 more sleep until 100 mile race!

It’s time for the next racing adventure! #jj100 aka Javelina Jundred – 100 mile race in Arizona! Phil and I will be taking on 10018740050_10155195728356101_8648739475524758249_n miles again or 160km. That’s like running from Kamloops to Kelowna which is crazy I would never do that! Going to do a trail 100 mile is a little different but has a lot more logistics like food, support crew, pacers and drop bags. The temperature right now says the race on Saturday Oct 28th in Fountain hills which is close to the race location will be plus 29 degrees with a low of 18 degrees – this sounds so awesome!! Can’t wait for the heat! Might be a different storey half way thru the race.

Our support team is ready and excited. Phil and I have 2 pacers each which will help out a lot and they can join us after the 100km point in the race so after lap 3. It’s a total of 5 loops that add up to 160km. The pacers and our crew will be essential to us finishing the race and keeping our minds on track and reminding us┬áto eat and stay hydrated out on course. We will only have crew support after each loop but we can have a drop bag at the aid station called Jackass Junction which is a party aid station. Should be a fun time and we are super excited to take on the 100 mile distance again.

Our main goal is to finish the race within the 30 hour time limit. It would be amazing to finish it under 24 hours but finishing is the first goal and to take it easy out there and have a smart run. I know having pacers out there on lap 4 and lap 5 will be a huge help and having our support crew at one location will be a lot easier on them this year.

Rio Del Lago 100 mile finish
Rio Del Lago 100 mile finish

The training is done, the gear has been tested and now get ready for the heat in Arizona! Just one long run left to do to make it all worth it.

This was a tough year to commit to training for a 100 mile race with our summer air filled with smoke. Researching where we could travel for a couple hours to run in less smoke. The journey continues and we are excited for Saturday when the race starts at 6am. Updates will be posted on our Facebook page Click here for the link if you don’t already follow Dirty Feet Trail Series. Our crew will do the best they can to keep the Dirty Feet Facebook page up to date. Also you will be able to track us via the race website gps tracking system that will let you know when we have completed a lap. We will post the link to that on Friday with our bib numbers so you can find us. Thanks again to our crew Deanna, Annette, Erica, Brian, Natalee and Paul and to everyone else who helped us along the way to make this run possible!

Stay tuned for updates!

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