Baseline for 2017

The planning has started for 2017 – how much to run? what heart rate to run at? Goal races we are looking forward too?

This year we are doing something completely different!! We are working at being fat adapted and burn mostly fat for fuel – how do you do this? Great question. First off I read a book called Primal Endurance and in that book there’s a MAF test and a suggested heart rate to keep your heart at and DO NOT go over this number. It’s 180-your age. So we started Aug 3rd – hear rate will not go over 140 and we will not eat sugar or any starchy carbs that creates sugar – for the best results do both of these at the same time – no sugar and run slow! Taking on the 21-day sugar detox cold turkey. (We loved how we felt and looked without sugar we continued past the 21 days) This was hard to get our heads wrapped around with going to events and going on holiday what are we going to eat? how are we going to run with anyone else? 140 heart rate is really slow what happens when you get to a hill – you walk! Yes it was a sad couple of months but the improvements were noticeable – after falling back to the back of the running group we slowly inched ourselves back to the middle without our heart rate rising over 140 and not having to walk as much. – Yeah!

So now it’s Jan 23rd and we are looking into going to do some testing to find out our crossover point – this will show us at what heart rate our bodies burn fat vs carbs. This will give us a baseline and a heart rate range so that we can stay in fat burning heart rate zone the whole time we are running. In time our speed will increase and our heart rate will stay low. Our BIG goal race this year is the Javelina Jundred a 100 mile trail race in October so we need to be burning fat for fuel so we don’t have to eat so many gels and sugary drinks. Our other goal races are Lost Lake 50km in May, Jack and Jill Marathon in July and Black Spur 50 or 100k in August. The marathon is a Boston qualifier race on trail!

Tomorrow is the testing for the baseline we are super excited to find out this information as we start our training program for 2017 on Jan 30th!!

Looking forward to a strong and healthy 2017!!

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