Dewdrop adventure!!

When an evening run/hike turns into an adventure!

Leaving the trailhead at 5:30pm with a vision of running a 21km loop is a great idea but only if you know where you are going. After looking at the map on Strava we headed out to take on the Dewdrop climb and did it ever CLIMB! 800m in the first 5km we reached a sweet lookout. The views were amazing!

18740050_10155195728356101_8648739475524758249_nContinuing along the trail with a couple questioning turns in the trail we finally found the 3 Amigo sign post and new we were headed the right way. Cruising along the ridge making record time while the sun is setting and we are about 11.5km and it’s around 7:30pm looking for the trail to head down we come to a junction. And we take the right turn which didn’t seem like the right way but we continued along until we came to a lookout and we could see the town of Savona – oh no we have gone the wrong way! After a 2km detour – we pull out the “phone a friend card” and call Jon18622528_10155195730976101_2230110313333810767_n to see if he is near a computer to look at Strava – no go. So we call Erica and luckily she has not opened her growler of beer yet and is able to tell us to go back.

Heading back to the junction where we went the wrong way I thought if I activate my strava on my phone we can place mark ourselves and the have Erica look online to see where we are and where we should be. This worked and we are back on the correct trail now heading down. Only a 4km round trip detour but a sweet trail we may have to go back and check it out. We did have our SPOT with us just in case the situation got out of control 🙂 18739620_10155196246351101_6220481047782445448_n

So now dropping down the hill and so is the sun! What a beautiful sunset but we are not out of the woods yet! Cruising down the hill with Pickles in the lead and we reached the bottom but with nightfall we couldn’t find the trail anymore and the mosquitos were unreal. Now we are bushwalking thru the brush looking for a road that we know was here somewhere. Being careful not to cause an injury in the dark. Turning Strava on again and place marked ourselves and messaged Erica to find us and let us know which direction to go to reach the road. Ok SouthEast – oh the bugs!!

Reaching the road at 21km thinking we only had another 4km and it’s now DARK. Without our headlamps we hiked up the road until if flattened out and then we started running. 4km passed we were now cruising in the dark dodging potholes. The noise from the pond we ran by was unreal maybe birds or frogs. Running in the dark and making record time! Meanwhile Erica and Brian are on their way to bring us food and water! We finally reached the truck and drove a few minutes down the road before seeing Erica.

A total of 26km and over 1000M of climbing – that was awesome!! Without the wrong turn we probably would have reached our truck by dark but that wouldn’t have been an adventure!!

Bring on the next ADVENTURE!

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