Dirty Feet meets Death Race!

Dirty Feet meets The Canadian Death Race

Team Dirty Feet for 2016 included a family of Hioms…. there are 5 legs of the Death Race so deciding who to race which leg is always a tough decision. The race started at 8am on Saturday July 30th with Annette Hiom toeing the line all anxious and a tummy full of butterflies. Her leg is going to be 19km with a 4 hour cut off we know she will make it in no time. Annette arrived at the transition at 2 hours and 36 minutes – 1st in her age category and we are ranked 94th.

Leg 2 is the toughest leg with 2 mountains and 27km long!! So it’s Phil’s turn to take on this challenge and get us thru without getting cut off. Phil takes on Mt Flood first then pushes himself thru Slugfest with knee deep mud holes and lots of people to navigate around. He pulls thru and pushes past Mt Grande and down the power line trail to finish leg 2 in 4 hours and 25 minutes pulling Team Dirty Feet into 41st place and Phil is 6th in his age category.

Leg 3 is the easiest leg so we gave it to nephew Jacob at 17 years old ready to rip it up. Leg 3 offered Jacob some great views of the river and some gravel road sections. He took on the trench with a quick skip and a jump and he was thru. Looks like he may need a harder leg next time. Jacob finished his leg in 1 hour and 49 minutes – 1st in his age category.

Leg 4 is the longest leg with only one mountain! Grace thought this was a great idea back in November when we signed up but bring it on she is good to go! The first 10km was up Mt Hamel… almost reaching the top the wind and the rain started. As She was running out the along the ridge strong crosswinds with snow made it cold and wet. After timing in at the top Grace started down the mountain hoping the rain would stop once she got into tree cover and thankfully it did. After passing thru the aid station the lightning and thunder was scary and she just wanted to get out of there and finish her leg. Coming in fast at 5 hours and 7 minutes 2nd in her age category – feeling awesome!

Leg 5 It’s now 10pm and Paul is up to bring it all home the last leg of the Death Race. Paul needs to navigate in the night following reflective nails in the trees, go thru the crack of doom and give his coin to Death before he’s allowed to take the boat ride across the river. About 10 minutes in to Paul’s run the skies open up and rain is pouring down really hard. After the boat there is a fair bit of climbing until he reaches the edge of town. Running down the streets to the finish line. Paul finishes his leg in 2 hours and 33 minutes landing him 3rd in his age category.

Team Dirty Feet’s total time was 16:32:23……Ranking them 21st out of 102 teams! Go Death Racers!!


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