It’s almost time!!!

rundle 3Time for what you might ask? Time to sign up for a 50km trail race! 🙂

It’s been a long year of physio, prolotherapy treatments, chiro appointments and many many different exercises to rehab my back….. and I think it has finally turned the corner. I’m sure some of you have been thru an injury before but I have never had something this debilitating and take so long to come back from. Standing and running are still a work in progress. Lesson learned if you have pain pay attention and go see someone about it!! 

A few days ago I ran a fast run on the road….well fast for me. My first road run in over 3 years so it was quite a challenge but I came out of it with only slight back pain and it resided by the end of the day! 🙂

Yesterday on our Dirty Feet Crew run I ran faster downhill…downhill has been the most painful for my back for the last year of trying to get back into running. I was so overjoyed with happiness I couldn’t stop telling Phil that I ran downhill and I didn’t have back pain. Thinking to myself that this was probably a bad idea at the time but that night and the next morning – no back pain!! – Yeah I’m so excited and now not to overdue it.

Everyday morning and night I still do a combination of back exercises in hopes of staying strong and continuing to live pain-free. And most days of the week start with a spin on the trainer (bike) with sPhil pic 2ome weights. I know I’m not quite out of the woods yet but I’m one step closer to pulling the trigger on my first 50km this year!

And as a reminder today I just received an email from the Prolotherapy clinic – 1 year ago today was my first treatment!

Happy Spring Everyone! – now get out and enjoy the dirt!

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