Taper or Panic? Marathon is coming!

The marathon race is on Sunday July 30th!

Where did the time go? I was just about to start cramming for the marathon so many thoughts going thru my head… did I run enough? did I do enough speed work? did I do all the right workouts to sustain a pain free 42km? what more should I have done? So last week and this week are supposed to be taper time. This is probably the18740050_10155195728356101_8648739475524758249_n hardest part of training for a race. You run less, you stay hydrated and keep up on your electrolytes, eat all the right foods, crave all the wrong foods all because you are running less. The need and want to run long or go fast just needs to wait until Sunday!

This is the best time to start looking at what food you are going to need on race day, What are you going to eat in the morning before the race? what are you going to wear for the race? and what shoes are the best choice for the big day? I usually plan all of this the night before the race and then send myself into a panic and I’m not sure this race will be any different 🙂 I remember the night before running the Canadian Death Race and figuring out that all of my gear and food wouldn’t fit into the pack I had brought so I went to the race expo and bought a new pack and wore if for the first time in a 125km race. It worked out great! But I wouldn’t advise this to anyone else.

Just because the pockets in your shorts can hold 4 gels is great until you start running and your shorts start falling down that’s not so great!

So how many gels do I need for a marathon? I don’t know I haven’t run a gravel road marathon before and I certainly haven’t tried to run a marathon at a fast pace before. On a side note, this race is a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon – it’s called the Jack and Jill Marathon in North Bend Washington. The course is along a rail trail for 42k of downhill 2-3% grade. This is as close as I get to running on the road. Grace’s marathon time needs to be 3:30:00 and Phil’s time needs to be 3:05:00. We will just have to trust our watch to show us our pace in hopes that we can stick to it the whole way!

In the first 1/2mile of the racethere’s a 2.5 mile tunnel – Yes it will be DARK! We will have to wear headlamps and be careful not to trip over other runners. After the tunnel we can drop our headlamps in a bucket and we may or may not see them again 🙂 Sounds like a fun adventure!!

Thanks to our friends and the Dirty Feet Run Crew for letting us run with you! 18920386_10154684611810784_5789366896014452971_n

You can track us along the way if you check our Facebook pages for updates every 10km. Race starts at 6:30am – so check out Grace Hiom or Phil Hiom‘s Facebook pages for updates!

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