What’s on for 2017

Getting ready for Spring!! Even with the snow outside we are getting pumped for spring and dirt trails – if you believe…… they will come….. +10, +15 is in the forecast for next week and we will be ready.

This year will be a year to rebuild after taking most of last year off due to injuries we can’t wait to start this year stronger than ever! Phil and I changed the way we think when it comes to training, running and biking. We are always trying new things to make us stronger, faster and healthier. Unless we try we will never know. So the focus this year is slowing down our heart rates when training for 80% of our activities, adding in some speed weeks and the BIGGEST change is not eating sugar or anything that breaks down to sugar. Sounds hard – I’ll be honest yes it has been a challenge but we are seeing positive changes so we will continue. It’s been just over 7 months now and we can’t wait for the season to begin to see how we feel and figure what needs to be tweaked to make us better!

This year will have more cross training, more mountain biking and more loving life. Be healthy and move often! Love what you do and live what you love!

Until next time – Get out and move the dirt is coming! Copy of IMG_9112


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