5 more sleep until 100 mile race!

It’s time for the next racing adventure! #jj100 aka Javelina Jundred – 100 mile race in Arizona! Phil and I will be taking on 10018740050_10155195728356101_8648739475524758249_n miles again or 160km. That’s like running from Kamloops to Kelowna which is crazy I would never do that! Going to do a trail 100 mile is a little different but has a lot more logistics like food, support crew, pacers and drop bags. The temperature right now says the race on Saturday Oct 28th in Fountain hills which is close to the race location will be plus 29 degrees with a low of 18 degrees – this sounds so awesome!! Can’t wait for the heat! Might be a different storey half way thru the race.

Our support team is ready and excited. Phil and I have 2 pacers each which will help out a lot and they can join us after the 100km point in the race so after lap 3. It’s a total of 5 loops that add up to 160km. The pacers and our crew will be essential to us finishing the race and keeping our minds on track and reminding us to eat and stay hydrated out on course. We will only have crew support after each loop but we can have a drop bag at the aid station called Jackass Junction which is a party aid station. Should be a fun time and we are super excited to take on the 100 mile distance again.

Our main goal is to finish the race within the 30 hour time limit. It would be amazing to finish it under 24 hours but finishing is the first goal and to take it easy out there and have a smart run. I know having pacers out there on lap 4 and lap 5 will be a huge help and having our support crew at one location will be a lot easier on them this year.

Rio Del Lago 100 mile finish
Rio Del Lago 100 mile finish

The training is done, the gear has been tested and now get ready for the heat in Arizona! Just one long run left to do to make it all worth it.

This was a tough year to commit to training for a 100 mile race with our summer air filled with smoke. Researching where we could travel for a couple hours to run in less smoke. The journey continues and we are excited for Saturday when the race starts at 6am. Updates will be posted on our Facebook page Click here for the link if you don’t already follow Dirty Feet Trail Series. Our crew will do the best they can to keep the Dirty Feet Facebook page up to date. Also you will be able to track us via the race website gps tracking system that will let you know when we have completed a lap. We will post the link to that on Friday with our bib numbers so you can find us. Thanks again to our crew Deanna, Annette, Erica, Brian, Natalee and Paul and to everyone else who helped us along the way to make this run possible!

Stay tuned for updates!

Rundle 2rundle 3


Taper or Panic? Marathon is coming!

The marathon race is on Sunday July 30th!

Where did the time go? I was just about to start cramming for the marathon so many thoughts going thru my head… did I run enough? did I do enough speed work? did I do all the right workouts to sustain a pain free 42km? what more should I have done? So last week and this week are supposed to be taper time. This is probably the18740050_10155195728356101_8648739475524758249_n hardest part of training for a race. You run less, you stay hydrated and keep up on your electrolytes, eat all the right foods, crave all the wrong foods all because you are running less. The need and want to run long or go fast just needs to wait until Sunday!

This is the best time to start looking at what food you are going to need on race day, What are you going to eat in the morning before the race? what are you going to wear for the race? and what shoes are the best choice for the big day? I usually plan all of this the night before the race and then send myself into a panic and I’m not sure this race will be any different 🙂 I remember the night before running the Canadian Death Race and figuring out that all of my gear and food wouldn’t fit into the pack I had brought so I went to the race expo and bought a new pack and wore if for the first time in a 125km race. It worked out great! But I wouldn’t advise this to anyone else.

Just because the pockets in your shorts can hold 4 gels is great until you start running and your shorts start falling down that’s not so great!

So how many gels do I need for a marathon? I don’t know I haven’t run a gravel road marathon before and I certainly haven’t tried to run a marathon at a fast pace before. On a side note, this race is a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon – it’s called the Jack and Jill Marathon in North Bend Washington. The course is along a rail trail for 42k of downhill 2-3% grade. This is as close as I get to running on the road. Grace’s marathon time needs to be 3:30:00 and Phil’s time needs to be 3:05:00. We will just have to trust our watch to show us our pace in hopes that we can stick to it the whole way!

In the first 1/2mile of the racethere’s a 2.5 mile tunnel – Yes it will be DARK! We will have to wear headlamps and be careful not to trip over other runners. After the tunnel we can drop our headlamps in a bucket and we may or may not see them again 🙂 Sounds like a fun adventure!!

Thanks to our friends and the Dirty Feet Run Crew for letting us run with you! 18920386_10154684611810784_5789366896014452971_n

You can track us along the way if you check our Facebook pages for updates every 10km. Race starts at 6:30am – so check out Grace Hiom or Phil Hiom‘s Facebook pages for updates!


Dewdrop adventure!!

When an evening run/hike turns into an adventure!

Leaving the trailhead at 5:30pm with a vision of running a 21km loop is a great idea but only if you know where you are going. After looking at the map on Strava we headed out to take on the Dewdrop climb and did it ever CLIMB! 800m in the first 5km we reached a sweet lookout. The views were amazing!

18740050_10155195728356101_8648739475524758249_nContinuing along the trail with a couple questioning turns in the trail we finally found the 3 Amigo sign post and new we were headed the right way. Cruising along the ridge making record time while the sun is setting and we are about 11.5km and it’s around 7:30pm looking for the trail to head down we come to a junction. And we take the right turn which didn’t seem like the right way but we continued along until we came to a lookout and we could see the town of Savona – oh no we have gone the wrong way! After a 2km detour – we pull out the “phone a friend card” and call Jon18622528_10155195730976101_2230110313333810767_n to see if he is near a computer to look at Strava – no go. So we call Erica and luckily she has not opened her growler of beer yet and is able to tell us to go back.

Heading back to the junction where we went the wrong way I thought if I activate my strava on my phone we can place mark ourselves and the have Erica look online to see where we are and where we should be. This worked and we are back on the correct trail now heading down. Only a 4km round trip detour but a sweet trail we may have to go back and check it out. We did have our SPOT with us just in case the situation got out of control 🙂 18739620_10155196246351101_6220481047782445448_n

So now dropping down the hill and so is the sun! What a beautiful sunset but we are not out of the woods yet! Cruising down the hill with Pickles in the lead and we reached the bottom but with nightfall we couldn’t find the trail anymore and the mosquitos were unreal. Now we are bushwalking thru the brush looking for a road that we know was here somewhere. Being careful not to cause an injury in the dark. Turning Strava on again and place marked ourselves and messaged Erica to find us and let us know which direction to go to reach the road. Ok SouthEast – oh the bugs!!

Reaching the road at 21km thinking we only had another 4km and it’s now DARK. Without our headlamps we hiked up the road until if flattened out and then we started running. 4km passed we were now cruising in the dark dodging potholes. The noise from the pond we ran by was unreal maybe birds or frogs. Running in the dark and making record time! Meanwhile Erica and Brian are on their way to bring us food and water! We finally reached the truck and drove a few minutes down the road before seeing Erica.

A total of 26km and over 1000M of climbing – that was awesome!! Without the wrong turn we probably would have reached our truck by dark but that wouldn’t have been an adventure!!

Bring on the next ADVENTURE!


It’s almost time!!!

rundle 3Time for what you might ask? Time to sign up for a 50km trail race! 🙂

It’s been a long year of physio, prolotherapy treatments, chiro appointments and many many different exercises to rehab my back….. and I think it has finally turned the corner. I’m sure some of you have been thru an injury before but I have never had something this debilitating and take so long to come back from. Standing and running are still a work in progress. Lesson learned if you have pain pay attention and go see someone about it!! 

A few days ago I ran a fast run on the road….well fast for me. My first road run in over 3 years so it was quite a challenge but I came out of it with only slight back pain and it resided by the end of the day! 🙂

Yesterday on our Dirty Feet Crew run I ran faster downhill…downhill has been the most painful for my back for the last year of trying to get back into running. I was so overjoyed with happiness I couldn’t stop telling Phil that I ran downhill and I didn’t have back pain. Thinking to myself that this was probably a bad idea at the time but that night and the next morning – no back pain!! – Yeah I’m so excited and now not to overdue it.

Everyday morning and night I still do a combination of back exercises in hopes of staying strong and continuing to live pain-free. And most days of the week start with a spin on the trainer (bike) with sPhil pic 2ome weights. I know I’m not quite out of the woods yet but I’m one step closer to pulling the trigger on my first 50km this year!

And as a reminder today I just received an email from the Prolotherapy clinic – 1 year ago today was my first treatment!

Happy Spring Everyone! – now get out and enjoy the dirt!


What’s on for 2017

Getting ready for Spring!! Even with the snow outside we are getting pumped for spring and dirt trails – if you believe…… they will come….. +10, +15 is in the forecast for next week and we will be ready.

This year will be a year to rebuild after taking most of last year off due to injuries we can’t wait to start this year stronger than ever! Phil and I changed the way we think when it comes to training, running and biking. We are always trying new things to make us stronger, faster and healthier. Unless we try we will never know. So the focus this year is slowing down our heart rates when training for 80% of our activities, adding in some speed weeks and the BIGGEST change is not eating sugar or anything that breaks down to sugar. Sounds hard – I’ll be honest yes it has been a challenge but we are seeing positive changes so we will continue. It’s been just over 7 months now and we can’t wait for the season to begin to see how we feel and figure what needs to be tweaked to make us better!

This year will have more cross training, more mountain biking and more loving life. Be healthy and move often! Love what you do and live what you love!

Until next time – Get out and move the dirt is coming! Copy of IMG_9112



Baseline for 2017

The planning has started for 2017 – how much to run? what heart rate to run at? Goal races we are looking forward too?

This year we are doing something completely different!! We are working at being fat adapted and burn mostly fat for fuel – how do you do this? Great question. First off I read a book called Primal Endurance and in that book there’s a MAF test and a suggested heart rate to keep your heart at and DO NOT go over this number. It’s 180-your age. So we started Aug 3rd – hear rate will not go over 140 and we will not eat sugar or any starchy carbs that creates sugar – for the best results do both of these at the same time – no sugar and run slow! Taking on the 21-day sugar detox cold turkey. (We loved how we felt and looked without sugar we continued past the 21 days) This was hard to get our heads wrapped around with going to events and going on holiday what are we going to eat? how are we going to run with anyone else? 140 heart rate is really slow what happens when you get to a hill – you walk! Yes it was a sad couple of months but the improvements were noticeable – after falling back to the back of the running group we slowly inched ourselves back to the middle without our heart rate rising over 140 and not having to walk as much. – Yeah!

So now it’s Jan 23rd and we are looking into going to do some testing to find out our crossover point – this will show us at what heart rate our bodies burn fat vs carbs. This will give us a baseline and a heart rate range so that we can stay in fat burning heart rate zone the whole time we are running. In time our speed will increase and our heart rate will stay low. Our BIG goal race this year is the Javelina Jundred a 100 mile trail race in October so we need to be burning fat for fuel so we don’t have to eat so many gels and sugary drinks. Our other goal races are Lost Lake 50km in May, Jack and Jill Marathon in July and Black Spur 50 or 100k in August. The marathon is a Boston qualifier race on trail!

Tomorrow is the testing for the baseline we are super excited to find out this information as we start our training program for 2017 on Jan 30th!!

Looking forward to a strong and healthy 2017!!


Jan 1st 2017

A cold day out for a swim but it has become a tradition. -6 degrees and -12 with the wind chill. We got a quick workout done this morning and a quick ride on the bikes before heading down for the noon dip. With the swim done it is now time to clean up the house and get ready for the new year. The New Years Resolution is the same as every year. Stronger, Fitter, Faster. We have a plan and now it is time to continue working towards those goals. The Food Plan is on track the training is on track now we just need to keep the focus. Happy New Year everyone and we will see lots of you in 2017.


Dirty Feet meets Death Race!

Dirty Feet meets The Canadian Death Race

Team Dirty Feet for 2016 included a family of Hioms…. there are 5 legs of the Death Race so deciding who to race which leg is always a tough decision. The race started at 8am on Saturday July 30th with Annette Hiom toeing the line all anxious and a tummy full of butterflies. Her leg is going to be 19km with a 4 hour cut off we know she will make it in no time. Annette arrived at the transition at 2 hours and 36 minutes – 1st in her age category and we are ranked 94th.

Leg 2 is the toughest leg with 2 mountains and 27km long!! So it’s Phil’s turn to take on this challenge and get us thru without getting cut off. Phil takes on Mt Flood first then pushes himself thru Slugfest with knee deep mud holes and lots of people to navigate around. He pulls thru and pushes past Mt Grande and down the power line trail to finish leg 2 in 4 hours and 25 minutes pulling Team Dirty Feet into 41st place and Phil is 6th in his age category.

Leg 3 is the easiest leg so we gave it to nephew Jacob at 17 years old ready to rip it up. Leg 3 offered Jacob some great views of the river and some gravel road sections. He took on the trench with a quick skip and a jump and he was thru. Looks like he may need a harder leg next time. Jacob finished his leg in 1 hour and 49 minutes – 1st in his age category.

Leg 4 is the longest leg with only one mountain! Grace thought this was a great idea back in November when we signed up but bring it on she is good to go! The first 10km was up Mt Hamel… almost reaching the top the wind and the rain started. As She was running out the along the ridge strong crosswinds with snow made it cold and wet. After timing in at the top Grace started down the mountain hoping the rain would stop once she got into tree cover and thankfully it did. After passing thru the aid station the lightning and thunder was scary and she just wanted to get out of there and finish her leg. Coming in fast at 5 hours and 7 minutes 2nd in her age category – feeling awesome!

Leg 5 It’s now 10pm and Paul is up to bring it all home the last leg of the Death Race. Paul needs to navigate in the night following reflective nails in the trees, go thru the crack of doom and give his coin to Death before he’s allowed to take the boat ride across the river. About 10 minutes in to Paul’s run the skies open up and rain is pouring down really hard. After the boat there is a fair bit of climbing until he reaches the edge of town. Running down the streets to the finish line. Paul finishes his leg in 2 hours and 33 minutes landing him 3rd in his age category.

Team Dirty Feet’s total time was 16:32:23……Ranking them 21st out of 102 teams! Go Death Racers!!



The North Face Dynamix S/L

The North Face Dynamix top

The North Face Dynamix S/L 

Tested out the Dynamix tank from the Mountain Athletics collection for Cross Fit and Trail Running.
The top had a great fit – like it was custom made for me. Higher neck but still comfortable.
As an extreme sweater, the Flashdry wicking technology was a bonus.
I was impressed with the tank top and it completely met my expectation for North Face quality. Now one of my favorite tanks.
Would definitely recommend this top to friends.

product review by Jennifer Thibault – Kamloops, BC


The North Face Fuseform Eragon Jacket

The North Face Fuseform Eragon Wind Jacket The North Face Fuse Eragon Jacket

This Fuse Eragon jacket windbreaker is light with elastic cuff, waist band, and a hood. The hood also has a soft hem which is a nice detail. The elastic is nice as its not tight but makes a good seal with out the hassle of pull ties or Velcro. It was a nice edition to an early morning at the park. The fit of the hood was nice as it didn’t block my vision even with turning my head. Arm length was good with shoulder room so the arms didn’t ride up or bind plus it wasn’t baggy. The fit is good. Packing it lead to a realization that it didn’t have a double pocket for storage but it still worked. It packed up nice and stayed handy for a sunny weekend. I’m glad to have it handy.

Gear review by Brian Malerby – Kamloops, BC

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